Reaching out to the community around has always been our way of working. Much before CSR came to be known the way it is today, Indraneelam had collaborations with NGOs, orphanages and educational institutions to make earnest efforts to forward our founding values of humanity and community building.

We have been actively involved in reviving public spaces, installing gardens, cleaning and making green the local surroundings and working hand-in-hand with the Swach Bharat Mission. Our special emphasis on green buildings and sustainable designs is testimony to our commitment in conforming to the noble ideals of environment conservation.

The presence of the Guruvayoor temple is a popular reason to choose a home in the city. To make the darshanam peaceful, we have arranged for a unique, thoughtful and innovative facility to ensure security of our home dwellers as they visit their favourite deity. Indraneelam has installed CCTV cameras from the apartment complex through the road to the temple connecting them to the nearest police station for continuous surveillance. This has been done especially for the safety of our senior citizens as they set out for darshanam in the early hours of the morning.

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